Suing a dentist as a result of dental negligence is a complex affair as you must be able to prove that you were healthy before your visit to the dentist and that it is the dentist who caused the injury as a result of negligence. Though it would be tough to win a case against a dentist as most of the issues that result from such negligence can be corrected; there are instances when this is possible and some of these are listed below:

  • Infection after a procedure
  • Injuries resulting from a root canal
  • Failing to diagnose oral disease
  • Oral nerves injury
  • Complications resulting from anesthesia
  • Novocain related complications
  • Problems resulting from a tooth extraction

To win a lawsuit against a dentist the following must be proved beyond reasonable doubt:

  • You were the dentist’s client: you should be able to prove that you were being treated by the dentist when the injury occurred. This will be easy to prove as there are the records that you will be given after each visit to prove this.
  • Prove that the dentist breached the care standard: You should be able to prove that the dentist went against what is acceptable and allowed under the circumstances.
  • The injury was caused by the dentist: You should be able to prove that the said injury was a result of a procedure that was carried out by the dentist.

Though you may be able to prove that the dentist indeed caused the injury, it will be difficult to prove that it was as a result of a malpractice. Most dentists will be able to prove that they only did what any other dentist would have done in the circumstances and this will lead to losing the lawsuit. However, if you are no sure that you will win the case; the best option will be to consult with the dentist as most dental malpractices can be corrected. The dentist can choose to perform another procedure to correct the mistake or refer you to another dentist where the mistake will be corrected.

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